MIRABILE. Janet Kagan.


New York: Tor, [1991]. Octavo, First edition. Fix-up novel of a series of stories first published in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction magazine. "This builds up an engaging portrait of life on the eponymous planet, colonized by humans from a Generation Starship. Their imported Earth flora and fauna has had its DNA genetically engineered to maintain diversity by providing the new colony with all sorts of lifeforms not actually carried by the ship. Wheat, for example, may very occasionally sprout sunflowers, or daffodils cockroaches. However, the records (of what will potentially breed from what) have been lost, and the heroine and her friends must cope with a resulting variety of comic crises – including clashes with the complex native Ecology of Mirabile itself." SFE online. Anatomy of Wonder (2004) II-580. Hartwell, 200 Significant SF Books by Women, 1984-2001. A fine copy in a fine dust jacket. (26598). Item #26598

Price: $35.00

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