About John W. Knott, Jr., Bookseller.

I was the kid reading comic books under the covers with a flashlight when my parents thougth I was sleeping (my guess is that many of you can identify with this!).  Comic books were cheap to buy and a quick read.  In high school, I went to work for Robert A. Madle in order to support my comic book habit.  Some of you may have heard of Bob, as he is an original member of science fiction fandom (he attended the first SF World-Con in 1939).  At the time, Bob introduced me to science fiction book collecting.  Through high school and into college I worked part-time for Bob, helping with his book business and attending science fiction book conventions to assist him in selling his books. Working with Bob gave me exposure to the world of collectible science fiction books. After college, I went to work for ABC News as a soundman on a camera crew.  During my 35 years in TV, I was able to travel the world (and get paid for it!), finding interesting shops and meeting all kinds of booksellers who broadened my tastes and knowledge of books.  I was able to expand my collecting interests and, while building my own collection, was able to begin acquiring extra copies of interesting books. It was a natural move into selling this material, and in the 1980s I started my own business and began issuing my own catalogs of books for sale, as well as exhibiting at science fiction conventions. Later, I began an informal arrangement with the pre-eminent bookseller in the genre of science fiction and fantasy, L.W. Currey, who in 2004 sponsored my membership to the ABAA. Mr. Currey and I have purchased major collections, participated as buyers at numerous auctions, and jointly exhibited at both ABAA and regional book fairs.  Our purchases have expanded into other facets of popular fiction, including a strong interest in mystery and detective fiction. Lately, we have added Illustrated, Cartoon, Children’s and Propaganda books and ephemera covering the period of WW I – WW II.

Susan Knott

Susan, my lovely wife, has come on board to assist me in business. She holds college degrees in marketing and teaching and worked at a local TV station in operations, and then had a long career teaching video production in high school.  In 2017 she attended the Colorado Antiquarian Books Seminar and in 2019 became an associate member of the ABAA. You will see/meet her at the various book fairs we attend.

Warren Bernard

Warren Bernard is on board as our expert in our WW I – WW II material. He is a scholar of this period and is a long time volunteer at the Library of Congress, where he has cataloged over 1200 political cartoons. He is author of the book CARTOONS FOR VICTORY, which is a volume of cartoons reflecting life on the home front.

L.W. Currey

A word about Lloyd Currey, Antiquarian Bookseller. We have collaborated closely for many years and have purchased quite a few fine books together. We often work in concert to acquire the best books possible. Lloyd has been my mentor and guide into the antiquarian book business and I am proud to call him my very good friend.